Riverland Community College Wins 2020 Finance & Commerce Top Projects Award

The Riverland Community College Transportation, Trade, and Industrial Education Center (TTIEC) was selected by Finance & Commerce as one of the Top Projects of 2020. The project was a renovation of the existing lower level of the building on the Riverland Community College Albert Lea campus. As a result, the…

2021 Airport Foundation MSP Golf Tournament

Alliiance had a fantastic afternoon at the 2021 Airport Foundation MSP Golf Tournament at Prestwick Golf Club!

Integrating Art and Architecture

Integrated with Alliiance’s architecture at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, artist Jen Lewin created “The Aurora” to bring the natural beauty of Minnesota indoors through the playful use of movement and light. https://bit.ly/3qoT9lD

Say it Loud Minnesota!

Anna Pravinata and Nina Ebbighausen are among the designers featured in the SAY IT LOUD – Minnesota Virtual Exhibition! The digital exhibition features projects by diverse design professionals, as well as quotes and interviews on their experiences in the architecture and design professions. READ MORE

The Employee Experience: Driving Innovation

As we return to the office, do our workplaces enhance employee experience and foster innovation? Rochelle Maresh, CID, LEED AP of Alliiance, and Cristina Kelly, WELL AP of Entro share how positive employee experience promotes productivity and innovation through connection and community. READ MORE

Minnesota Sustainable Building Guidelines: Improving Human Experience on Campus


by Anna Pravinata, AIA, LEED AP, NOMA and Justin Wilwerding, MA, CID, IDEC With contributions from Amanda Aspenson, AIA, CID, LEED AP and Abimbola Asojo, PhD, AIA, IDEC, LEED AP, NOMA, NCIDQ The idea of having a sustainable society gained momentum on the first Earth Day in 1970, just over…

ACRP Research Report 226

Co-authored by Alliiance, the ACRP Research Report 226 provides a thoughtful, step-by-step process to help airports provide a higher level of accommodation for passengers through the planning, design, and implementation of well-functioning restrooms and ancillary amenity spaces such as lactation rooms, pet relief areas, and shower facilities. READ MORE

The Workplace: A Place of Purpose

In the second article of the two part series for WorkDesign Magazine, Rochelle Maresh, CID, LEED AP of Alliiance, and Cristina Kelly, WELL AP of Entro share how space, brand, and identity influence an employee’s experience of an organization’s purpose and culture. READ MORE The first article can be found…

The Business Value of People-Centered Design

by Nina Ebbighausen, AIA, LEED AP  “In an era where change is a currency, business as usual stopped being good enough.” – Jonathan Ive, Chief Design Officer of Apple It’s no longer news that design-led innovation can stimulate business growth, transform public services, and enhance places and cities. In a…

Reclaiming Our Spaces Webinar

Join Rochelle Maresh, CID, LEED AP, and other experts in the field as they share their experience and insights on spaces that are made for and by communities during the January 29th panel discussion. https://bit.ly/38UOPTV

Supporting Physical and Mental Health Through Design

Rochelle Maresh, CID, LEED AP of Alliiance, and Cristina Kelly, WELL AP of Entro dive into the importance of creating an engaging, safe, and healthy work environment through a sense of place, behavioral nudging, and access to nature. READ MORE

Alliiance Joins Workwell Coalition

Alliiance is honored to partner with industry-leading peers who share our mission to create workplaces focused on the health and well-being of occupants. The Workwell Coalition is an integrated team offering multidisciplinary expertise to reshape and re-imagine high-performance workspaces and to safely bring your staff back to work during this…